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Tarot Card Meanings


Did you know? That there are 78 cards in a standard tarot deck. However, I can give you a brief overview of the different suits and their corresponding meanings:

  1. Major Arcana: The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards that represent significant life events and archetypal energies. Each card holds deep symbolism and carries its unique message, encompassing themes such as personal growth, spiritual awakening, and life lessons.
  2. Wands (or Staves): The Wands suit represents creativity, passion, ambition, and energy. It signifies inspiration, enterprise, and the pursuit of goals. It can also indicate spiritual or personal growth and the manifestation of desires.
  3. Cups: The Cups suit relates to emotions, relationships, intuition, and the subconscious mind. It reflects matters of the heart, love, compassion, and emotional fulfillment. It can also symbolize creativity, intuition, and spiritual connections.
  4. Swords: The Swords suit represents intellect, thoughts, communication, and challenges. It often signifies mental clarity, decision-making, and the power of the mind. It can also indicate conflict, struggles, or the need for honest communication.
  5. Pentacles (or

    Coins): The Pentacles suit is associated with material aspects, wealth, abundance, and practical matters. It signifies financial stability, career opportunities, and the manifestation of goals. It can also represent physical health, groundedness, and a connection to the physical world.


Note that each individual card within these suits carries its own nuanced meanings, which can vary depending on the context of a reading and the surrounding cards.